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MARGARETHA GUBERNALE, born June 9, 1941 can look back on 40 years as an international artist. She has participated in many exhibitions worldwide and has also held solo exhibitions. She has received many awards, gold medals, Oscars and trophies. To mention only a part of their exhibitions:

Austria:  Graz Akzenta 2009


China: Olympia Fine Art 2008 Beijing 2008 Gold Medal, Shanghai International Art Fair 2020


Denmark:  Europa Museum permanent

England: Dundas Street Gallery Edinburgh 2015 Crypt Gallery, London 2016

France: Eiffel Tower Paris, 2014  Grand Palais Art Capital, Salon des Indépendants, Paris 2018/2020  Galerie Bruno Massa permanent

Germany: Kunstkreis Baden-Baden1993 GZ Berlin 2014 Lübeck Kongresshalle 2015

Herzegowina: OFAA Museum 2010

Israel: Art Transit, Tel Aviv 2019

Italy: Spazio Museale Sabrina Falzone 2013 Affordable,Milano ARTE FIERA MILANO 2013  MUSEO CIVICO, Palermo, 2013 Pro Biennale Venezia, MILANO ART GALLERY 2015  Biennale Milano,MILANO ART GALLERY and Spazio Tadini, 2015 Maestri d’Arte, Federico Caloi,  San Vidal, Venezia 2015 MILANO ART GALLERY, 1.Price Margherita Hack, single exhibition 2016  MILANO ART GALLERY,Bassano del Grappa, single exhibition 2016 SPOLETO ARTE, BIENNALE DI VENEZIA, Pavilion Spoleto 2017, GALLERY MILANO 2018  Venezia Contemporanea, Luci e Colori dell’Arte, Palazzo Albrizzi,Venice 2018  MAD Gallery, Milano 2018/2019, Esposizione Troisi Poeta Massimo, Castel dell’ Ovo, Napoli 2021  ma-ec gallery Schrödinger’s Cat Milano 2021 M.A.D.S. Gallery Milano, Philo and Poém, Milan 2021

Japan: Tokyo Art Fair, Japan 2018 /2019


Lebanon: UK Art flags Unesco 2012,  masks Unesco 2020

Russia: Moscow and Petersburg, artweek  2011/2012/2018

Spain: Bienal de Arte Barcelona, MEAM 2015 International Art Fair Malaga 2017

Switzerland: Galerie du Relais, Horgen 1992 Forum Zugerland, MIGROS-Kulturprozente 2012 GZ Basel 2014 Altstadthalle Zug 2018 Zürich ARTPROJECT 1.0, SWISSARTEXPO Zürich Mainstation 2019/ 2020/2021  Atelier EDERA Zug Gubernale permanent

USA: Biennale Quebec, Canada 1988 MONTSERRAT GALLERY 1993  Agora Gallery NY 2011 Broadway Gallery 2012 ART EXPO Pier 94 NY 2014 International Exhibition Miami meets Milano 2015 Grimandi Gallery, NY  60 Masters 2020 


and many more that are not listed here.

Her pictures result in numerous important art catalogs e.g. Cairo Mondadori 2018 and 2019 No 56, Inspiration Art Book 2018, Artisti 2019 Mondadori shop, Atlante dell’Arte De Agositini, 2020, current catalog in Amazon from ART PROJECT 1.0/Swissart, and other artwebsites 

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